Trace.WMS optimises, simplifies and speeds up work in the warehouse.

The parametrisation of warehouse tasks provides an optimum performance during warehouse tasks.

Reducing the workload of managers and warehouse workers

Minimum scanning in carrying out warehouse tasks

More packages are dispatched in less time (quicker pick-ups) and time needed for inventory management is reduced

Suppliers can print labels through the WEB portal by themselves

Graphic display of warehouses

Trace.WMS – Warehouse Management System

Everyone who has ever worked in a warehouse is aware of how important diligence, responsibility and efficiency can be when it comes to work. An effective IT support for the logistics processes carried out in warehouses as well as production facilities and external logistics departments is one of the key elements of competitive advantage. It allows lean organisation in order to increase productivity and reduce loss in material. The costs for computerising the logistics processes by using Trace.WMS – a warehouse management system are minimal compared to loss that can be generated due to poor information systems. The computerisation of logistics processes with Trace.WMS – a warehouse management system brings a solution that saves money and creates added value. The positive effects of Trace.WMS – a warehouse management system become evident soon after the implementation.

The advantages of Trace.WMS – a warehouse management system:

  • You will either be able to mark the received goods by yourself in a simple and timely manner upon delivery, or suppliers can do that for you by using the WEB portal.
  • If you supply many different clients with your products, you have to comply with various requirements regarding the packaging and labelling, including special labelling for primary and secondary packaging etc. Our solution allows you to perform these tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Your products are delivered in primary and secondary packaging units or in a separate package. Our management system facilitates the process of converting primary packaging into secondary units, adding or removing specific items to/from secondary packaging, transferring the packaging units etc…
  • Our solution supports the complete SSCC manipulation.
  • You can send dispatch advice to your client.
  • Your clients are provided with an option to trace their package by using the serial/batch number or other labels in line with the GS1 standard, or acquire information on which products will be delivered and in which primary or secondary packaging units. Our solution offers a single-click access to any of the above-mentioned data you may need.
  • Tasks performed in a warehouse can be supported through our IT systems and configured as per your requirements. This way, you can optimise the work of your employees and make sure that work is carried out at the lowest cost possible. Trace.WMS requires minimum scanning to perform warehouse tasks.
  • We make sure that employees are properly informed about any relevant events that occur during the storing processes.
  • Every company wants to analyse its business performance. With the Trace.BiD solution, you can perform various data analyses and present results in the form of charts.


We use purpose-made hardware, such as mobile terminals, printers, and communication equipment from well-known brands, which enable flawless operation.