Trace.ReportServer – when reports are no longer a challenge.

The users can prepare reports by themselves

It standardizes the reporting system in the company

It reduces the workload of employees responsible for IT

Trace.ReportServer – creation, management and distribution of business reports

Although an unlimited source of information is available in the age of digitalization, in most cases, the right information is not at a disposal when needed. In order to work efficiently, the right information is needed at a precise time. Employees can then work more efficiently, and the company can ensure lean organization.  The Trace.ReportServer solution is an efficient tool for independent creation, management and distribution of reports.

This solution enables to:

  • Reduce pressures on software development and the IT team, who encourages users to create and manage reports directly.
  • Manage users and define roles easily, so that you can maintain control when necessary.
  • Obtain an efficient tool to manage data with the aim of increasing productivity and reducing unnecessary work.
  • Adapt reports in a simplified manner, so that end users can obtain information in a ways that suits their needs. When and if it is important.
  • Being flexible in the long term because one is never limited by the way they access data.
  • Review the reports on any device or in any form, in any database or data source.