Trace.BiD provides quick information for decision-making.

You can prepare your own control panels, change them and adapt to new demands

It standardizes the reporting system in the company

A simple, quick and efficient way to obtain key information for decision-making

Trace.BiD – Bussines Intelligence Dashboard

Trace.Bid is a solution that allows a quick and simple installation of control panels in areas of business operation you would like to monitor. Only sky is the limit in installing/designing control panels, as you can choose from a wide range of elements and functionalities. The BiD allows to convert data into information.

Trace.BiD can be used for:

  • managerial needs for business operations control,
  • display of information at workplaces in the production,
  • display of information on mobile terminals in the warehouse,
  • display of information in the graphic representation of production at work centres,
  • display of information in the graphic representation of warehouses at the layout of warehouses – racks and
  • information boards on large screens in production and in warehouses.
  • …..