Trace.PRISOTNOST is an efficient solution for the registration of working time.

Recording and reviewing workplace attendance at the terminal and on the WEB portal

The solution can be implemented quickly

Easy preparation and transfer of data to information systems for the preparation of payrolls

Trace.ATTENDANCE – registration of working time

The optimal use of employees’ working time is one of the goals of every company that would like to be competitive in the global market. The optimal use of working time cannot be monitored if we do not keep records about the employee workplace attendance accurate and up-to-date. Our Trace.PRISOTNOST solution – registration of working time allows the following: keeping a regular, up-to-date and easy-to-use record of the employees’ workplace attendance. The administration of the system is user-friendly and logical. The preparation of data for transfer to systems used for preparing payrolls and to human resources records is an integral part of our solution.

Trace.PRISOTNOST – registration of working time can be implemented in a flash.

Using the solution Trace.PRISOTNOST – registration of working time allows to:

  • have a regular overview over workplace attendance,
  • keep records of absences,
  • monitor hours by types of attendance and absence, transportation to work and meals,
  • set different work schedules,
  • keep records about working hours,
  • keep records about holidays,
  • prepare data for payroll preparation and transfer the data of the payroll preparation,
  • register an employee in different cost centres within one working day and
  • use the system in the WEB platform and on mobile phones.


Various RFID standards are supported, biometric identification (finger print) and hardware connections (RS 232, RS 485, TCP/IP, USB, wLan, Modem, Router, GSM, GPRS, INTERNET).