Trace.DOSTOP simplifies access to your premises.

Trace.PRISOTNOST includes Easy access control

Minimum interventions for the installation of advanced hardware

Monitoring access control from one place regardless of the location of dislocated units

Trace.ACCESS – control of access to business premises

Companies and organizations perform their activity at the business premises. Without an intelligent access control system it is hard for employees to have a pleasant experience when going to and from work in cases when access to business premises is secured. In the age of digitalization, using keys to open doors is no longer suitable or appropriate. The Trace.DOSTOP solution (control of access to business premises) combines both a pleasant user experience and maximum control of access to business premises.

The Trace.DOSTOP solution (control of access to the business premises) provides:

  • access to individual areas with a RFID card,
  • electronic key locking system,
  • establishment of full control over passages at the facility – you can specify who can open each door and when,
  • the option of leaving the door unlocked for a certain period of time and automatic locking at a specified time,
  • turning certain devices on/off at a specified time (the alarm system, the lights etc.),
  • regular supervision of access at individual locations,
  • monitoring access at remote locations (with the use of internet or GSM connection).


Various RFID standards are supported, biometric identification (finger print) and hardware connections (RS 232, RS 485, TCP/IP, USB, wLan, Modem, Router, GSM, GPRS, INTERNET).